The NOSOhands certification procedure comprises 5 steps:

Conduct a self-evaluation by completing the WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework for the promotion of hand hygiene practices in healthcare facilities, as well as the document entitled Overview of the institution. Send both documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. HygiMed evaluates your submission at no cost to determine if your institution has the potential to obtain the NOSOhands label, and informs you about it.

If the conditions for admission are fulfilled, HygiMed will send the Terms and Conditions for the NOSOhands certification procedure to you, as well as the Registration Contract. You can then register your institution for the certification procedure. Registration is taken into account as soon as your down payment is received by HygiMed.

Submit by e-mail the supporting documents to be provided before the audit as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. HygiMed provides you with templates for most documents. As soon as all the documents are received, HygiMed proposes 3 dates within the 3 following months for the audit of your institution. You choose the date that suits you best.

HygiMed mandates two international experts in infection prevention and control to conduct an audit in your institution on the agreed date. Practical details of the audit day are provided in the document Conduct of the audit.

HygiMed provides a certification report to you within 4 weeks following the audit. This report is a review of the quality criteria assessed during the certification procedure, as well as the decision concerning the award of the NOSOhands quality label to your institution.

If the decision is positive, HygiMed will send you the NOSOhands quality label certificate for your institution. This certificate is valid for 3 years.

If certain criteria are only partially achieved during the audit, HygiMed will grant additional time to your institution to rectify these. You must then provide proof that the modifications were indeed effected before HygiMed will award the certificate to you.